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  1. Sidwell Friends School, Bethesda, MD
  2. CEFPI Global Conference 2014, Portland, OR
  3. LEFT 2014
  4. STEM Building Kempsey Adventist School, AU
  5. Cold Springs Elementary School
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  8. Culinary Arts Kempsey Adventist School, AU
  9. Concept for Future-Flexible Middle School, Chicago, IL
  1. Lolo School District has benefited greatly from Nick Salmon’s school safety and facility efforts over the past several years and it shows! We were able to provide a safer and more responsive learning environment to meet our students’, teachers’ and overall community’s needs. Mike Magone, Superintendent, Lolo Elementary School Thank you for your many years of commitment to our school and community. We would not have been able to achieve the change to our schools without your vision and leadership. Hatton Littman, Director of Communications & Technology, Missoula County Public Schools

  2. I saw Sir Ken Robinson speak in Bozeman last night. This workshop was much more engaging and thought provoking! Thomas McGrath, Future Flexiblility Workshop Participant There is probably no other person in the world other than Nick that has had a greater impact on the direction our school has taken in the past few years Rohan Deanshaw, Principal, Kempsey Adventist School, NSW

  3. Thank you for guiding the start of our PBL journey and for creating opportunities for us to feel comfortably uncomfortable as learners. KAS Secondary Teachers I am so grateful for your expertise and willingness to share it. Our initial discussion has already spawned so many thoughts about how to make all sorts of different people comfortable in so many contexts - very inspirational to me. Katie Deuel, Executive Director Home ReSource

  4. It has been a pleasure going through this process with you and Shane! I have had many folks comment on what a smooth process this was compared to the needs assessment of the past. I loved the first day. I needed that! We have some great plans! I hope we get to make them become a reality-sooner than later!

    Amy Piazzola, Superintendent Cayuse Prairie Elementary School

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